Virtual Graffiti Walls

Kind of like photo booths, but BETTER; Virtual Graffiti Walls are larger than life, interactive attractions that draw in the crowd every time. Pun intended! Our Virtual Graffiti Wall can bring out the artist in anyone. Each Virtual Graffiti Wall rental features a pro photographer, professional quality 4 x 6 prints that are printed on site, and of course a HUGE 10’ screen for you and your guests to decorate.

What EXACTLY is a Virtual Graffiti Wall?

The Virtual Graffiti Wall (also known as the Digital Graffiti Wall or Photo Graffiti Wall) is a large interactive experience where guests use digital, no-mess spray paint cans to decorate a 10’ canvas with anything they can imagine.

Virtual Graffiti Wall Specs:

  • Operating foot print: Graffiti Wall w/o Green Screen 15’ deep x 14’ wide x 9’ high. With the Green Screen 15’ deep x 25’ wide x 9’ high.
  • Surface: Hard Level Surface required.
  • Power: 20AMP Dedicated
  • Lighting: Virtual Graffiti Walls are light sensitive. Must be set up in low light with no direct artificial or natural light shining on to the wall.
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An Attraction So Cool It Gets It’s Own Website! CLICK HERE!

Virtual Graffiti Wall


We get it; not everyone was born a Picasso. That’s why our Virtual Graffiti Walls feature awesome, customizable stencil and stamp packages. Just place a stencil where you want it, fill in the blank area with the spray can, remove the stencil and you look like a total pro. This is all done digitally so there is no mess.

Everyone Loves A Photo Booth!

With photo booth mode, we take pictures of event guests and project them onto a 10’ canvas. Then, guests have a blast decorating each others’ pictures. Want to give the boss a wicked cool mustache? How about clown glasses? With dozens of stamps and stencils to choose from the possibilities are endless. Everybody gets a printed copy of their creations once they are finished.

Kick It Up With The Green Screen.

The green screen adds a whole new dimension to the Virtual Graffiti Wall Experience! The green screen allows us to add awesome backgrounds to your guests’ creations. Guests can pick from dozens of backgrounds which include options like: the minions, dinosaurs, beaches, even a tornado made of pink bunny rabbits…

Make It YOURS!

The Virtual Graffiti Walls can be custom branded for your event. We can create a custom overlay and/or footer with your logo or message that will print on every photo. We can also create custom Stamps, Stencils & Backgrounds to match your events theme.

Virtual Graffiti Wall

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