Sky Fall Stunt Jump

Ever wonder what it’s like to jump off a building in the movies like a stuntman? Well, now YOU can feel the same rush as those stuntmen with Our AWESOME SKY FALL STUNT JUMP!

Feel The RUSH!

Experience pure adrenaline as you jump from two stories with no harness!

YEP! You read that right. NO HARNESSES! Experience what it’s like to be a real stunt man with our Sky Fall Stunt Jump! Feel your heart pound as you climb to the top of our two story tower. Test your nerves as you get to the top and realize just how high 20 feet really is. Then if you are brave enough, JUMP! Our professional grade stunt bags provide a SAFE and comfortable landing. An experience like no other!

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Sky Fall Stunt Jump Bag

Professional Grade Stunt Air Bags

Our Zero-Shock Stunt Jump bags bring this amazing experience to life. Zero-Shock offers the most advanced impact absorbing tech in the world. These bags are used around the world for gymnasts, rescues, stunts, extreme sports and various other commercial applications. The Sky Fall Stunt Jump is almost as much fun to watch as it is to experience. If you are looking for something to captivate a crowd then this is the attraction for you!

The Sky Fall Stunt Jump has a through-put of about 75 riders per hour, a set-up foot print of 55ft x 35f and requires 2 20amp electrical outlets. (Generators available)

A Truly Unique Experience!

The Sky Fall Stunt Jump brings the thrill of a free fall to events across the nation. Unlike most “free fall” attractions where you are harnessed in to a safety harness and hooked onto a safety line; there IS NO HARNESS with the Sky Fall! Though don’t worry, our stunt bags make for a SAFE and comfortable landing. Being free of harnesses gives you the true feeling of a free fall. It’s an exhilarating experience that will get you pumped up and give you something to remember!

Sky Fall Stunt Jump
Sky Fall Stunt Jump

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