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Off The Hook Entertainment For Video Game Parties Delivered To You!

video game partiesOur mobile Plasma Cart Video Gaming/Media Stations are perfect for Video Game Parties! They offer many features making them the best way to bring the excitement of video gaming to any location. Each Plasma Cart Video Gaming Station is outfitted with a HUGE 55” HDTV, Premium Sound and the most popular video game consoles like Microsoft Xbox Ones and Nintendo Wii:Us. We stock an epic video game library with all the latest and greatest titles, sure to have something for every video game enthusiast. Our Plasma Carts provide a modular solution for video game parties and they can accommodate 4 players per cart. Simply select the number of carts needed to entertain for the size of your event. Because the Plasma Carts are highly mobile, we can deliver them to your location whether it’s indoors or outdoors. Office Buildings, Convention Centers, Gymnasiums, Hotel Ball Rooms, Sporting Fields, Parking Lots or even to your residence; where ever your party is being held we can deliver our Plasma Carts. If your event is being held outdoors, we set up tents for player comfort.

The Best Games for Your Video Game Parties!

video game partiesWe offer the hottest gaming consoles like Xbox One, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, and Nintendo WiiU on our carts. Of course we have the newest and most popular multiplayer games to choose from, like the most recent releases of Call of Duty, Just Dance, and EA 2K titles as well as the classics like Mario Kart, Wii Sports, MineCraft, Super Smash Bro., and Skylander. These fan favorites make all of our video game parties a blast! We stock over 80 titles in our video game library. In addition to the most popular titles listed above we also stock various other titles from Racing, FPS, Party, Dance, and Puzzle video game categories. Plasma Carts offer a superior community experience to traditional Mobile Game Theaters or Video Game Trailers since they do not isolate the players from the event in a small closed off space. They also are equipped with BIGGER SCREENS than most traditional video gaming theaters. The Bigger Screens combined with the open air style of gaming allows other event guests to see what is going on and join in on the fun!

No Matter the Occasion, Video Game Parties are Always a Hit!

video game partiesOur Plasma Carts are great for Video Game Birthday Parties, Community Events, Homecomings,Corporate Events, Mitzvahs, Graduation Parties, Church Events, After Prom Entertainment, Super Bowl Parties and much more.

More than just Gaming Stations, they are versatile and can be used to view slide shows, movie nights, picture collages or presentations. Why have everyone crowd around one screen when you could have multiple screens placed around the venue for guests to enjoy?!

Want to have an AWESOME LAN Party? Then the Plasma Carts are the perfect solution for your event. We can network the carts together so that multiple carts can play in the same game with or against each other.

Fun for all ages! We carry video games all ages can enjoy. With many titles at each rating level from E for Everyone to T for Teen and M for Mature we are sure to have something fun for everyone. When booking our Plasma Carts for your event, let us know what ratings you feel are appropriate for your attendees and we will only load titles that meet your request. All of our Plasma Cart bookings include professionally trained event staff to deliver, setup & facilitate, the Plasma Cart Portion of your event..

The Plasma Cart Video Game/Media Stations require access to a dedicated standard 20amp wall outlet within 100’ of where they are to be set up. We can provide generators for your convenience upon request.

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