Two Zip Lines Per Tower

All of our Mobile Zip Lines feature not one but two Lines. This means two riders can zip at once…ZIP LINE RACES! Having two lines allows for greater ride capacity. More fun for more guests and faster moving lines!

Two Unique Zip Line Models

We offer two different models to meet our client’s unique needs. At up to 160′ long the Spectrum Portable Zip Line is perfect for small to medium events as well as being better suited for indoor locations. The Extreme Fly Wire Mobile Zip Line stretches up to 300′ and is perfect for larger events. Either model is sure to make a statement at your next event!

Maximum Versatility!

Be it sand, grass, turf, concrete or pavement; inside or outside; we can set up our Portable Zip Lines at a wide variety of venue types. Our Zip Lines are adjustable in length to fit your location.

Extreme Fly Wire Mobile Zip Lines

extreme mobile zip line rental

It’s the Largest Portable Zip Line In The World! The Extreme Fly Wire Zip Line will send a rush of anticipation from your head to your toes. Feel the butterflies in your stomach as you climb it’s towering 3 story spiral staircase. You get to the top and take just a second to soak in the amazing view from the crow’s nest; you can see the whole event venue from up there. Now it’s your turn! One of our Zipologists secure you to the line as you step up to the edge. Don’t look down! 3…2…1 GO! You step off the edge with nothing below you and feel the adrenalin rush as you zip at high speeds to the landing zone up to 300’ from the tower. Featuring a patented decelerator, The Decelinator, it offers an experience unlike any other. The Extreme Flywire is fully adjustable in length from 100’ all the way up to 300’, (thats a football field!).

3 Stories Tall!
90 Riders Per Hour!
300 Feet Long!

Spectrum Mobile Zip Lines

Good things DO come in small packages… well, not that small. The Spectrum Portable Zip Line is the perfect solution for events where space is limited. Offering a thrilling, high-speed ride of over 100’ it’s an excellent choice for any location inside or out!

28 Feet Tall!
100′ Long!
90 Riders/Hour!

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