Rock Climbing Walls

We offer a wide variety of Mobile Rock Climbing Walls to choose from. Check out our traditional Rock Climbing Walls like one of our 32’ hard walls; or you could go for a newer style like our Klime Wallz or Coconut Climber. Whichever type of Rock Climbing Wall you choose, you’re sure to have a blast!

Klime Wallz

An AWESOME new take on an old favorite!

These days it seems like every great event has a rock climbing wall; and for good reason! They are a ton of fun, draw in the crowd, and provide guests with an instant adventure. However, not much has changed with mobile rock climbing walls over the years… Until now!  Towering at 24’ in the air and offering three unique climbing walls in one attraction the Klime Wallz is this generation’s portable climbing wall. With it’s 3D walls and awesome colors it really stands out from other attractions and grabs peoples’ attention. All of our Klime Wallz rentals come completely staffed with our fun, professionally trained staff so all you have to do is relax and enjoy the fun! Call us today have one of our mobile Klime Wallz delivered for your next event.

Mobile Rock Climbing Wall Klime Wallz

Rock Climbing Walls

Giant 5 Climber Rock Wall

Rock Climbing Walls

3 Climber 25′ Rock Wall

Rock Climbing Walls

Sometimes You Just Have To Bring The Mountain To You!

Nothing beats an old favorite. The mobile Rock Climbing Wall has been an event staple for years and it’s easy to see why. Our mobile Rock Climbing Walls tower over the crowd allowing those brave enough to take them on a chance at an instant adventure… not to mention the view! We offer several different models to fit our clients’ needs. From our giant 5 climber, 28’ walls and 4 climber, 32’ walls to our 3 climber, 25’ walls; we have the right size mobile rock climbing wall to fit the needs of your event.

Up to 32′ Tall
Up to 5 Climbers

4 Climber 32′ Rock Wall

Rock Climbing Walls

Tiki Island Inflatable Climbing Wall

Rock Climbing Walls

All of our mobile Rock Climbing Walls include auto-belay systems that lower climbers safely to the ground whenever they let go of the wall. Our mobile Rock Climbing Walls come fully staffed with professionally trained, energetic staff to ensure your guests have a great time!

Coconut Climber

A Truly Unique Climbing Experience!

The Coconut Climber is an awesome new style of rock climbing wall! The coconut climber wall is great for adults and children. It’s fun, exciting and safe. It includes an auto-belay system which slowly lowers climbers to the ground after they reach the top of the climb. Add this awesome attraction to your event to WOW your guests. Our Coconut Climbing Wall comes fully staffed with our professionally trained, energetic staff to ensure proper set-up and operation; and to help you get the most out of your rental.

rock climbing wall

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