Combat Laser Tag in Dunkirk Maryland

We set up our Combat Laser Tag in Dunkirk Maryland for Dunkirk Baptist Church‘s Wednesday evening youth program. The youth group had a wonderful time running around playing laser tag with their friends. There were some trees on the “battlefield” that provided some natural cover for the players and we brought our pop-up bunkers to add some additional cover as well. As they played, the sun began to set giving the players an additional obstacle to overcome, limited visibility! The youth had such a BLAST! After the event we were told how pleasant our company was to work with. The attendant that evening was also complimented on how professional and patient he was with the youth group.

Events like the one Dunkirk Baptist’s youth program did is a great way to invite new people and get to know one another. Laser tag is also great for team building. A lot of our missions are team oriented, meaning the players need to work as a team to complete the missions. This helps instill team work in each of the players. Team work is an important quality that the players can use in the years to come.