Howard High School’s Homecoming Party in Ellicott City Maryland

Saturday we provided multiple interactive attractions for Howard High School’s Homecoming Party in Ellicott City Maryland. We had a wide array of attractions set up throughout the school for the students to enjoy. We transformed one of their gyms  into an awesome 9 hole miniature golf course. Another room had our Virtual Graffiti Wall and Green Screen. The cafeteria was packed with students playing the latest and greatest video games on our awesome mobile Plasma Carts. Because you can never have too many video games, right outside the cafeteria, we had 2 Mobile Entertainment Theaters packed with Xbox Ones, Play Stations, & Nintendo Switches all played on big screen TVs with light shows and surround sound. Howard High School sure knows how to throw a party!

Virtual Graffiti Wall at Homecoming Party in Ellicott City MarylandOne of the most popular attractions of the night was our Virtual Graffiti Wall. Students and faculty were lined up to have their photos taken in front of the Green Screen so they could decorate them on our Virtual Graffiti Wall. The most popular background for this event was of the Eiffel Tower at night.

Mini Golf at Homecoming Party in Ellicott City MarylandWhile we have been privileged to provide the entertainment for Howard High School Homecoming Party for many years, this was the first time they hosted our Mini Golf Course. It was a huge success! Some of the students were competitive while others wanted to try trick shots. Mini golf is a great entertainment choice for formal events like Homecoming Parties.

Plasma Carts at Homecoming Party in Ellicott City MarylandTeachers and students looking for a more laid back type of entertainment enjoyed playing video games on our Big Screen Plasma Carts and and Entertainment Theaters such as Just Dance, NBA 2K17, Mario Kart, and more! Our video game entertainment options provide a great opportunity to take a load off and have a good time with your friends at any event!

Game Theater at Homecoming Party in Ellicott City MarylandWhen booking attractions for formal events where guests get dressed up such as Homecoming parties, it is important to keep the attire in mind. Formal clothes  make it difficult to participate in activities that are more physically demanding. The attractions Howard High School chose for their homecoming celebration was an excellent choice given the formal attire required for the event. 

Game Theater at Homecoming Party in Ellicott City MarylandOur Mini Golf and Plasma Carts can be set up both inside or out, on most level surfaces. Our Virtual Graffiti Walls are light sensitive and therefore they require an area with dim lighting. Our Game Theaters can set up in level areas such as driveways, streets, and parking lots; or if your venue is large enough we can even bring them inside.