Get Your Game On Fascinates at Teen Fest in College Park Maryland!

Coconut-Climber-Teen-Fest-in-College-Park-MarylandThis past weekend we provided multiple attractions for Teen Fest in College Park Maryland, hosted by the Maryland National Capital Parks & Planning Commission. We supplied our Plasma Carts, Coconut Climber, Whirly Bird, Tumbler, and Dunk Tank. As we finished setting up, bus load after bus load of teens started arriving from the various community centers throughout Prince Georges County, MD. The look of excitement filled their faces as they approached the attractions. The teens first stopped at our Plasma Carts Video Game Stations wanting to be the first in line to play NBA 2K17 & NFL 2K17 on our Xbox Ones; and Mario Kart & Super Smash Bros Brawl on our Nintendo Wii. Our Dunk Tank was a huge hit as players attempted to knock the staff from the various community centers into the water. The teens took turns racing each other to the top of the Coconut Climber to see who was the fastest; and the Whirly Bird had the teens working together to make each other as dizzy as they could bare. The Teen Fest in College Park MD was another awesome event to remember!

Team work is a very important skill for our youth to develop. Our Plasma Carts and Whirly Bird attractions helped develop this team building skill by requiring the teens to work together. With multiplayer games being played, the teens broke into teams and worked together to become victorious. In order for the Whirly Bird to move, the riders had to work together by pumping the handle bars. Once it was in motion, the teens had to continue pumping the handles to increase their speed. It is important that when your are deciding on attractions for your festival, to think of your target audience and provide entertainment geared to suit them. The attractions we provided for the Teen Fest were a perfect fit as they encouraged team building as well as friendly competition and provided the teens with an opportunity to burn off some energy and have a great time doing it.

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