Combat Sports

Perfect for anyone who wants to have a blast… and look AWESOME doing it! We offer a variety of combat sports from the more intense like Laser Tag, Archery Tag & Bumper Balls to the more laid back like GAGA ball. Whichever activity you choose one thing is for sure, fun will be had by all!

Laser Tag

An action packed, adrenaline fueled combat experience delivered to your location!

This is not your normal kiddy laser tag. Forget about plastic guns and phaser sounds! The second you strap on one of our elite tactical laser tag guns you will instantly feel the beast inside start to take over. With their all metal construction, realistic mil-sim sound effects, real red dot sights and adjustable shoulder stocks; our laser tag guns look, feel and sound like the real deal! Combat laser tag offers an immersive experience far superior to traditional laser tag. Play once and you will be hooked for sure!

Laser Tag, Archery Tag
Laser Tag, Archery Tag

A Laser Tag Game Like No Other!

Unlike traditional Laser Tag; our Combat Laser Tag is played using much more tactical mission variants. We play missions like Domination, Heist, Generals and more. These missions were designed, tweaked and perfected over thousands of events by our Master Laser Tag Referees. With many imitators but no equals; our style of play is unique to our company. You will not find Laser Tag like ours anywhere else!

How Combat Laser Tag Events Work

Archery Tag

Archery Tag is a unique NEW option in combat sports!

Looking for something high-energy to get your blood pumping but want to try something different? Well, we’ve got you covered. Archery Tag has everything you could want in a combat sport. A mix of Archery, Tag, & Paint Ball;  Archery Tag is a unique new option in the Combat Sport world. Strap on a face mask, grab a bow & a bunch of arrows and get in the action. Archery Tag makes a great team building activity!

Archery Tag

A Unique Team Building Opportunity!

Archery Tag is a very team oriented sport. Each game requires team work and good communication. The team that works best together will emerge victorious! The high energy environment of arrows whizzing past your head while trying to take down the enemy will get your heart pumping and provide a unique bonding experience like no other activity.

Bubble Balls

What Would Make Soccer More Fun? Make It a FULL CONTACT SPORT!

With Bubble Balls you can play all kinds of games. Whether you are looking to spice up your soccer game, have a Full Contact Bubble Ball Brawl or run a crazy obstacle course we’ve got you covered! These awesome wearable spheres allow players to bump in to each other offering lots of padding to cushion the impact. We offer both youth and adult sizes so Bubble Balls can be enjoyed by adults and children alike.

Bubble Ball

A Real Attention Grabber!

Bubble Balls are perfect for drawing in a crowd. Having a bunch of people running around wearing these giant bubble suits really gets peoples’ attention. It is also a lot of fun for spectators. Crowds will gather to watch and laugh as players knock each other to the ground while fightig for control of the field.

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