Bubble Soccer for Corporate Picnic at High Point Farms in Clarksburg Maryland BUBBLE SOCCER

Bubble Soccer for Corporate Picnic at High Point Farms in Clarksburg Maryland

Corporate-Picnic-at-High-Point-Farms-in-Clarksburg-Maryland-Bubble-Soccer-1-CMPThis past weekend we had the privilege of entertaining for a corporate picnic at High Point Farms in Clarksburg Maryland for 200 guests. We provided our Bubble Balls (also known as bubble soccer or bumper balls) and a GIANT inflatable soccer ball for the event. As the party began, the company’s staff made their way over to the field where the Bubble Soccer was set up. After they got suited up, the fun began! It was red team vs. blue team, who would win? The teams gathered on either side of the GIANT inflatable soccer ball as the Bubble Soccer Referee gave safety & game instructions. The whistle blew and the teams were off. Players were bumping into one another, flipping and rolling around as they tried to take control of the ball and score a goal for their team.

Corporate-Picnic-at-High-Point-Farms-in-Clarksburg-Maryland-Bubble-Soccer-1-CMPWhen selecting the location for your event, it is important to keep a few things in mind. How many people are going to be in attendance and what type of attractions are going to be there. You want to make sure that there is plenty of room for the attractions as well as room for people to hang out and relax. High Point Farms in Clarksburg Maryland is an excellent venue for all types of events. It is just one of the many venues across the country we partner with to bring you the best entertainment for your event. Located on 150 acres in Montgomery County, Maryland it offers some of the nicest picnic areas in the Capital Region.

We can set up Bubble Balls in many locations such as gyms, warehouses, parks, sports fields, farms, and even your back yard.